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20% OFF Contacts & Free Shipping + Receive up to $150 in Rebates

Expires: 6/30/17

Vision Direct Review

visiondirectPeople who need to wear contact lenses can take advantage of what Vision Direct has to offer to them when it comes to finding different contact lenses for sale. The site has many kinds of contact lenses for sale from all of the top brand names in the country.

Vision Direct is a website that particularly sells all sorts of contact lenses. This is a site that was founded by as a separate site dedicated to getting contact lens orders prepared and managed with ease.

The site was created to help support people who need to get contact lenses of all sorts. The site has a full listing of products for people to benefit from and includes many options for those who want to get contacts without having to spend more than needed on particular items of use.

What the Vision Direct Site Sells

Vision Direct sells all sorts of items for all kinds of particular needs. People can buy contact lenses from all the major brands including Acuvue, Avaria, Bausch and Lomb, Boston, Focus and PureVision among many other brands. Customers can use the search box on the top of the website in order to get all sorts of particular needs.

Customers can also find many different kinds of lenses from all sorts of different lenses like color lenses, toric lenses, vial lenses and bifocal or multi-focal models. These can be adjusted to work with the specific vision needs that a customer may have. The choices that are available are used in many different sections and will be easy for customers to find.

Many other products may also be found on this site including eye vitamins and sunglasses. Many eye solutions and other cleaning materials to use for contact lenses among other items may also be found right off of this website.

How to Order from

There are many points that have to be used in the process of ordering items on this site. First, a customer can go to the site and choose a product based on the type of lens that is needed or the brand name of the product in particular. The purchase process is designed to be easy to manage at this point as each product is divided based on who it is best for or what type of product is to be used at a given time.

A customer can then get items by choosing a particular option and by then selecting a product based on several points. First, the customer must order a product by using the proper quantity for items for the left or right eye. Next, the power rating of the lens and the base curve rating must be adjusted based on the patient’s needs.

The most important point for people to use is to make sure that they have prescriptions for these products. Information on a prescription can be sent online to allow a customer to get access to products and to get additional assistance with regards to finding particular lenses of use. The setup is made to work with care and to make it all easy to manage. Information on the doctor that provided this prescription and has information on the customer must also be added as needed.

All information that comes with an order can be saved and reserved for future use as needed. In addition, the site offers a process where an order can be repeated as needed or even scheduled to be made at a given time.

The customer can pay for items in many ways on this website. While many credit cards are accepted on this site, people can also use PayPal to take care of payments on this site. This is done to facilitate the process associated with getting an item of interest to work for one’s needs.

Special Deals & Discounts from Vision Direct

People who buy products from Vision Direct can get all sorts of discounts on their many different lenses. Customers can order lenses and get some special offers. For instance, a customer can get a deal where one will get free shipping on any item. This is useful for all sorts of different lenses.

A special offer where a person can get money back for an order will also be appealing. This offer will allow a person to get 5% back off of an order. This will entail a deal that features 5% cash back on a series of orders during a three month period. The customer will then be able to get this money to be spent in one month for all sorts of products on this site. This is done as a means of allowing long-term customers to get discounts on this site.

Rebates are also available on many products. Customers can find information on the rebates that are open by going to the front page of the site and then looking for special details. The customer will have to mail in the form in order to get a rebate and will also have to provide a copy of the receipt for a purchase in particular.

Vision Direct Coupons & Promo Codes

One of the most popular parts of Vision Direct is that people can use promo codes of all sorts for all the different products that they want to get. These particular promo codes are useful for all sorts of items like getting 25% off of one’s first order or getting 15% off of a basic order among other special offers.

All of these offers are paired with free shipping deals. Then again, this is a given as the site already has a free shipping offer for all sorts of orders. The deals will still vary throughout the year and should be found on many outside websites.


Contact lenses are important for many people and Vision Direct has made it easier for people to afford the contact lenses that they need for their vision needs. Vision Direct has a large variety of products of all sorts and the process of ordering particular items on this site is easy to manage. The deals that are available will vary over time but it is great to see how many different kinds of options are available for use at a particular time.