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1. WHAT DO I DO WITH SOILED DIAPERS? Each week your clean diapers are delivered in a plastic bag. Use this bag to line your hamper. It is not necessary to soak or rinse the diapers. The diapers will only need to be rinsed if they are used for burp cloths. PLEASE DO NOT WASH THE DIAPERS

2. WHAT DO I DO ON MY DELIVERY DAY? It is very important to set your soiled diapers out by 8:00 a.m. If you wish, you may arrange with your driver a place to make the exchange other than your front door.

3.HOW MANY DIAPERS WILL I GET EACH WEEK? On your first delivery you receive 80 diapers; thereafter you will be on a rotation system. The number of diapers you turn in one week will be returned to you the following week. If you need more than average, we will not charge you extra, because sometimes baby will use more.

4. WHAT IF I WILL BE OUT OF TOWN? You will not be charged for weeks that you do not have diapers. If you are leaving town, please call 2 working days in advance of your delivery to have THE DIAPERS BOTH CLEAN AND SOILED- picked up and a future resume date scheduled, 2 week minimum for vacation credit.

5. HOW DO I PAY FOR SERVICE? You will receive a bill the last week of every month. Payment is due by the 15th of each month to avoid $1.00 late charge. Payment can be made to your driver by taping your check to the bag of soils that you set out, or by mail. There is $25.00 charge for returned checks.

6. CAN I ORDER DIFFERENT SIZES? YES! Remember to move through diapers sizes at the appropriate times for the best diapering results; PREMIE 4-6.5 lbs, INFANT 7-14 lbs, REGULAR 14lbs- 30lbs, TODDLER 31+ TRAINING PANTS are available to help negotiate potty training. They can be traded for diapers.

7. PERSONAL ITEMS LOST. We try to keep track of personal items that accidentally show up at the diaper service, but it is impossible to guarantee their return. Call if you think you have lost something please call.

8. SAVE ON DIAPERS. Shop at Kohl’s and get Free Shipping on your diaper purchases.

Thank you for allowing us to serve you. Call us if you have any comment or questions. We value you and want to do the best job possible. YOUR BABY DESERVES THE BEST!

Diaper Service!

Cotton Diaper Service

Price Per Month $89.00
Members Price: $89.00
The heart of our operation. Professionally laundered cloth diapers, delivered to your door every week. For less money that you could go out and buy disposables. What more could you ask for?

New Additions!!!

New, Unserviced Diapers
Price per dozen $24.00