Key Features to look for When Ordering Vistaprint Checks

The printing services that Vistaprint checks offers are among the most popular ones that the site has to offer. Today you can get checks printed for needs such as Personal, Business, Computer, and more. The key features you will definitely want to be aware of are listed below:

Quality of the Paper Stock

ordering checks from vistaprintThe paper stock used for these checks is made to be sturdy and strong. This comes with a thick stock material that is not going to bend easily. It especially offers a comfortable texture that is easy to apply in a variety of forms. It will create a good check that is difficult to forge or alter.

The ink used to get the routing number and check account number is also made to get into the paper quite well. It can stick out by a slight bit to really add some extra security to ensure that it will be extremely difficult for anyone to try and alter this critical information.

Key Security Lines

Vistaprint checks are made with a strict attention to security in mind. The features that are applied onto your checks include small lines with printed materials that are easy to apply. This is paired with raised numbers on the bottom while working well alongside the thick paper stock. This adds a good look that is attractive and adds a nicer look all the way through.

Messaging Line Option

You can get a messaging line added onto the front of your check if you wish. This allows you to write down what the purpose of a check might be. This is ideal for when you have regular checks to send to people and you want to distinguish the purposes of each check that you send out.

Icons and Monograms

available monograms for vistaprint checks
An icon or monogram can be added to the top left corner of a check. This will add a nice look that features a beautiful detail and can add a bit of extra security, what with the design being a little more intricate and specific in this case.

Duplicates May Be Ordered

Duplicates can be ordered when getting checks ready. These can be used to help you keep tabs of what you are filling out. You can hold onto the duplicate as it is produced.

This works with a standard setup similar to what you’d see on a bill that you’d write on in some cases. A transparent base is used to create indentations on the duplicate copy. This adds a good look that makes it easier for you to keep tabs on what you are filling out. This is critical considering how difficult it can be for you to keep tabs on all of your checks in some instances.

Great checks from Vistaprint are made to be easy to use for a variety of occasions. Check out the features that come with such great checks so you can find something that is easy to apply and use in any case.

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15% Off Your Cart + Free Shipping over $75

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10% off $75 | 15% off $100 | 20% off $175 | 25% off $300 |

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20% Off + New Customers get Free Shipping over $50! ($200 Max. Savings)

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