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123Inkjets Coupon Code 20% off in March 2021

Save 12% on Ink & Free Shipping on orders $55 or more!

Expires: 2/1/21

Save 12% on Ink & Free Shipping on orders $55 or more!

Expires: 2/1/21

Get Free Shipping on all Orders over $55 to the contiguous U.S. at 123inkjets.com!

Expires: Ongoing

Get Free Shipping on all Orders over $55 to the contiguous U.S. at 123inkjets.com!

Expires: Ongoing

Save Up to 75% off inkjet cartridges & toner at 123inkjets.com

Expires: Ongoing

Save Up to 75% off inkjet cartridges & toner at 123inkjets.com

Expires: Ongoing

About 123Inkjets

123Inkjets is a website that sells a number of different ink and toner products for all sorts of different inkjet printers. The site prides itself in offering one of the easiest ways for anyone to find different inkjet printer products. 123Inkjets focuses primarily on offering quality ink and toner cartridges.

Visitors can find a full listing of brands they cover on the home page of their website. The site covers a large variety of brands including Brother, Canon, Epson, HP, Sharp and Xerox among many others.

The user can then click on a particular brand and then find the appropriate printer model as needed. These include individual sections for different kinds of printer series offered by particular styles.

Each individual section will include details relating to particular models. These include a number of cartridge items alongside some other necessary products like laser drum units. The specific products that are available for sale will vary by each website that is listed here.

The customer can also choose to search for items based on the specific part number. The user can go to a particular brand page and then use the drop down menu to find a part number based on the brand name being used. This might be useful in cases where the customer has the exact knowledge of the very specific type of product that has to be used at a given time.

Products Sold by 123Inkjets

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Ink & Toner
The website particularly sells ink and toner products. These include individual cartridges for both black and white printing and for color printing needs. The specific cartridges that are available will vary by each individual printer that a customer can get.

Laser Drums

The site also sells laser drum units for laser printers. These drum units are required to make it easier for a printing job to be prepared with a series of items used to get the ink or toner onto the paper as effectively as possible.

Ink Refill Kits

There are also a number of refill kits available for different ink cartridges. Customers can save money by using refill kits instead of buying new cartridges. A refill kit will feature an appropriate series of ink containers and a series of items used to administer the ink into a particular cartridge. This may be useful for customers but it will help to avoid using the wrong type of refill kit. The kits that are available vary by brand. Also, each kit is made to work particularly with the brand it is for only. Therefore, a refill kit for a Dell cartridge will be different from what can be used on a Lexmark cartridge, for instance.


Paper is also available for sale at 123Injkets. These include photo paper sheets in a variety of sizes. In addition, rolls of wide format paper are available in sizes of up to forty-two inches.


123Inkjets has even started selling printers themselves in recent months. The site particularly sells Pantum printers along with the toner cartridges that they can use. These printers include the Pantum P2000 and P2010 models. The site is also planning on selling HP printers in the near future.


An interesting part of these products is that they are sold in several forms. There are traditional cartridges that can be used as well as compatible cartridges that can be arranged to fit into various printers from different companies. Compatible cartridges tend to be less expensive than traditional ones. In addition, recycled cartridges are available on the site. These are designed with recycled materials from older cartridge bodies to keep the costs associated with getting new cartridges down.

123Inkjets Coupon Offers & Discounts

Several discounts are available through 123Inkjets. Customers can find discounts on a number of products from just about every brand on the site. The specific values of these discounts will vary by each individual product but they can include deals of up to 75% off of their regular prices.

Customers can also find special bulk purchase discounts where they can save more money by buying more cartridges at once. For example, a customer can buy individual color cartridges for a Canon Pixma iP6600D printer for $15.69 each. That is already a discount off of the regular price of $16.99. The customer can buy a four-pack of these color cartridges for $52.99. This makes for a strong discount when four are bought together instead of getting individual colors.

Meanwhile, some volume discounts are available in cases where multiple copies of the same product are found. A customer can get black laser toner cartridges for the Panasonic DF-1100 printer for $89.99 each or $85 each when that customer buys three or more at a time.

Customers can also get free shipping on orders of $55 or more. Meanwhile, shipping on orders below that costs only $4.95 regardless of the types of products that are being shipped to a customer. This deal is available only to those who are getting items shipped within the continental United States.

The values that come with products on 123Inkjets are made to give people access to affordable printer products. The ease of use that the site offers particularly makes it easier for people to enjoy just as well.

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