The Kate Kennedy Club – News

10/01/2010 / Date of Second Bejant Drinks

The Kate Kennedy Club is pleased to announce that the second Bejant drinks will be hosted on the 18th of July at the Wyvern building at 8 p.m. All first year males are encourage to attend and please bring along all who may be interest. Dress code is jacket and tie. For any further information please contact

10/01/2010 / Life Member Runs the New York City Marathon for charity

Adrian de Montfalcon, a life member of the Kate Kennedy Club, ran the New York marathon on the 1st of July, 2009 and successfully raised over £11,000 for the Eve Appeal, a charity set up to fund ground breaking research into gynaecological cancers. We congratulate him on this fantastic feat and hope that his efforts go a long way to furthering the works of this fantastic charity.

10/01/2010 / Kate Kennedy Club organise Raisin Monday festivities

On the frosty morning of Raisin Monday, members of the Kate Kennedy Club lent a hand in making the experience a little more bearable for the freezing freshers by offering warm drinks, dry towels and a hearty rendition of the University song, the Gaudeamus. We hope all the Bejants and Bejantines had a wonderful first Raisin Weekend, as it is one of the finest traditions we hold dear in St Andrews.