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Free Shipping for Macy's Card Holders

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Free Shipping for Macy's Card Holders

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Official Macy's Current Online Deals & Promotions Page

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Free Shipping on $99

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About Macy’s

macys couponMacy’s is one of the most prominent department stores in the United States as there are nearly eight hundred locations around the country. They offer a number of great discounts for customers to help save on in-store and online purchases. Macy’s has been around since 1858 when Rowland Hussey Macy opened a new dry goods store in New York. Macy’s became popular for offering a money back guarantee on its products and for making many of its clothing products on site when the store was first run.

Macy’s eventually expanded to a larger location at Herald Square on 34th Street and Broadway. The store eventually grew in size through more profits and eventually became more prevalent as it acquired more smaller stores. The store did file for bankruptcy in 1992 but had since recovered and eventually merged with Federated. It soon acquired the September Department Stores company and converted many department stores like Marshall Field’s, Kaufmann’s, Strawridge and Hecht’s.

Since then, Macy’s has developed a much larger and more prevalent profile. Today the store has its own website that sells the same products that can be found in traditional Macy’s stores. This includes an extensive variety of products that are suitable and helpful for all the desires that people might hold when finding products that are very interesting in many forms.

What Macy’s Sells

The Macy’s website sells the many great products that many Macy’s stores sell these days. It sells fine types of fashions for men, women and children including a variety of shoes, handbags and other accessories. The store organizes its many products on a variety of different types of sections that entail things like coats, dresses, jeans and more.

Bed and bath products are available around the site including many comforters, bath sets and rugs. Home products like kitchen items, home décor and small furniture items can also be found around the site.

A jewelry and watch section can also be found on this site. The section contains a number of fine products that are perfect for use in one’s life and can really be sensible for the demands people often hold.

Using the Website

This site works well by providing people with plenty of options for finding products. The site will help people out by listing information on the top part of the screen and by dividing these spots into a variety of different subsections. These smaller sections include many options that cover very specific types of products that can really fit in with many needs.

Customers can search for products on the top center part of the screen as well. The user can even enter in web identification numbers for such products.

The site’s individual sections allow people to narrow down their searches based on many points like the size, color and brand for a particular product. People can also search through many pictures of different products and a number of extensive types of reviews for all the great options that people might explore.

Buying Products Online from Macy’s

The products that people can buy from Macy’s can be easy for all to buy and take advantage of. These products can be purchased today through traditional credit cards. They can also be shipped out with a number of different types of options including an expedited shipping option.

Also, shipping within the continental United States is free for orders at $99 or higher. However, this is primarily for standard shipping options.

People can easily enter in discount codes with ease through the site, thus making for a simple setup that anyone can enjoy. In addition Macy’s has its own store charge card and an American Express credit card.

Macy’s charge card customers can get access to special discounts throughout the year including 10% off offers that can be distributed at many times in the year. It is also rather easy to pay off one’s charge card through the Macy’s website or through any traditional Macy’s store.

Meanwhile, the Macy’s American Express card lets people get some extra discounts throughout the year. Many Star Pass discounts can be given out throughout the year while many extra deals may be found with some extra points that can be redeemed for added bonuses that are good for discounts on many different products around the site.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) on Macy’s

Q: Does Macy’s have coupons?
Yes. Go on the internet and search. They usually offer between 15% and 20% off.

Q: Does Macy’s have a senior discount?
No. Macy’s does not currently offer a senior discount. However, most senior clothes are usually discounted

Q: How do I get Macy’s coupons for $20 off $50?
Macy’s offers $20 off $50 on a few occasions. Search online to see if the deal is available today.

Q: How do I get a Macy’s Promo Code for 20% Off?
Check the Macy’s website for a 20% off code. If one exists, it will appear in the upper left of their homepage.

Q: What can I do if I lost my Macy’s card?
Log into ‘My Account’. Select ‘Credit Summary’ in the ‘my Macy’s Credit Card’ section. Then select ‘Report a lost or stolen Card’ in the dropdown.

Q: Where is Macy’s Headquarters?
7 West Seventh Street, Cincinnati, OH, 45202.

Special Deals & Promotions from Macy’s

The special deals that come from the Macy’s website typically come from the Macy’s Star Pass mailings that people often get. These include small promo codes that can be easily added onto one’s transaction during the checkout process. It only takes a few moments for these codes to be entered and people can get 10% or more off of their products of interest.

Promo codes can vary based on the different types of offers that people can find these days. These include promo codes for 25% off of an order or $10 off of a purchase of $25 or more. Some exceptions are included but these are clearly listed by Macy’s.

The site has many special discounts throughout the year on an extensive variety of products of interest. In fact, people can get to clearance sections by mousing over one section on the top of the website and by clicking on the proper clearance link that is featured in red text. This will provide people with 25% extra off of the prices of different products on this site. Every single section on the site has its own clearance section but the selection of products for sale will clearly vary based on what is open at a certain point in time.


Macy’s has become one of the most historic department stores in the world. Its New York flagship store is iconic as is its annual parade on Thanksgiving Day. Today Macy’s has taken over the United States as it offers an extensive variety of fine products that are useful for the needs that all people hold when finding ways to get some useful products for one’s life and to also get some great discounts of all sorts.

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