LINE LIVE + ジュリー・ワタイ写真集(JULIE WATAI photobook)


Good evening! From today I’ve launched the Amina du Jean official homepage so please check it often! I don’t know much about design but I tried my best to make it. My Japanese isn’t perfect, so sorry if I make mistakes.
本日はLINE LIVEのクイズをキミかさねてます番組に出ました〜!


アイドルグループ9NINEのちゃあぽんとスターダストLGBT元女ユニット「SECRET GUYS」と一緒にゲストとしてクイズをやりました。
Today I did the LINE LIVE quiz program! With Major Debut idol group 9nine’s Chapon and LGBT transgender Stardust idol group SECRET FUYS we were guests and tried our best for the quiz.

皆ちゃまのLINE LIVEコメント読みながらクイズの問題に答えた。

Basically while everyone commented in LINE LIVE they acted as a life line for our quiz questions.

SECRET GUYSおめでとう꒰˘̩̩̩⌣˘̩̩̩๑꒱♡

In the end, I was bad (lol) but thanks for supporting me everyone! Congrats on winning Secret Guys!

すごくハイスピードなクイズだったのすごく緊張してたけど皆が優しかった^^! 楽しかった。

It was really high speed so I got nervous but everyone was super kind. Fun!


Chaapon is a pro idol for 11 years in the group 9nine so I studied her aura. She was really an idolly idol. Even backstage! I want to be professional so it was a great experience.


After that I did a bit shopping in Shibuya. Today Mandarake was closed so I went to a normal bookstore and looked. Lately, to study photo shoots I love idol and gravure Photobooks.

中学校頃からジュリー・ワタイの写真スタイルがすごく気になるので今日ジュリーの「TOKYO FUTURE CLASSIC」を買ったんだ꒰ ∩・∇・∩꒱♡大おすすめよ!♪

From middle school I’ve had an interest in Julie Watai so today I bought her new photobook TOKYO FUTURE CLASSIC! Highly reccomendd🌸

By the way, if you’re in Tokyo, I’m having a Photoshoot meet up! (Yay! Clap clap lol). Last year I did one in October outside of Tokyo but this is my first time in Tokyo!

Well bye lol. From here on I have a lot of exciting happenings so watch me closely:)
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